How to make sure google indexes your site

To get google to start indexing my websiteI verified my ownership of site with google to make sure it starts indexing it using directions provided here. noindexHere is an issue I faced. After verifying my ownership I logged into google search console to check on the performance. I saw this warning To debug this I followed instructions here The problem was that the default ananke theme I had used was adding a noindex which I confirmed by checking the source html.

Setting up a blog in a couple of hrs using Hugo and AWS Amplify

IntroductionThis is my first post about the construction of this website. I intend to record the development of the building. I hope the explanations are simple as this will be written for my children to use. Decisions I took Create/host my website instead of using blogging platformI thought about using Medium and Substack and my blogging platform, but ultimately decided to build my own site. Site GeneratorHaving worked in the software industry for years, I have learned to value the ease and simplicity of generating html content over having a backend.